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Piano Sonata Op. 101 in A major


  • Composer: Beethoven Ludwig Van

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Full set Ludwig Van Beethoven Piano Sonata Op. 101 in A major music sheets. This sonata was composed in 1816 and was dedicated to Baroness and pianist Dorotea Ertmann.

The sonata is in four movements:
I. Etwas lebhaft, und mit der inngsten Empfindung (Somewhat lively, and with innermost sensitivity). Allegretto, ma non troppo   
II. Lebhaft. Marschmäßig (Lively. Moderate march). Vivace alla marcia 
III. Langsam und sehnsuchtsvoll (Slow and yearning-full). Adagio, ma non troppo, con affetto 
IV. Geschwind, doch nicht zu sehr und mit Entschlossenheit (Swiftly, but not too much, and with determination). Allegro

A typical performance lasts about 20 minutes.

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