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Piano Etude Op. 10, No. 7 in C-major


  • Composer: Chopin Frederic

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Etude Op. 10, No. 7 in C-major is a solo piano etude composed by Fryderyk (Frederic) Chopin in 1833. This etude is played Vivace, in very quick time. Composed with three sections, this etude conforms with most of the others.

The first theme is embellished by the left hand's bass melody, segues into a short second theme in D major, and then returns to the first theme. This etude is an exercise in intervals, as the right hand is always playing constantly changing intervals in quick sixteenth note rhythm.

In order to be melodically pleasing, as are the more popular Chopin Etudes, this particular Etude demands special technique compared to the other Etudes. Playing the actual melody in this Etude is not as easy as in some of the more popular Chopin Etudes.

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