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Piano Etude Op. 10, No. 5 in G-flat major


  • Composer: Chopin Frederic

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Etude Op. 10, No. 5 in G-flat major, also known as the Black Key Etude, is a solo piano work composed by Fryderyk (Frederic) Chopin in 1830. This work is characteristic for the arpeggios played with the right hand, almost exclusively on black keys except in measure 66, where Chopin wrote an F-natural, the only white key for the right hand throughout the entire piece.

The left hand plays the melody, with mostly chords and octaves, while the right hand accompanies with the fast triplets on black keys. The piece is one of the less technically demanding of the set.

This etude's dynamics are more frequently notated than any other's. In the first 16 bars, Chopin indicates 14 dynamic changes, along with quick pedal fluctuations and various articulations. This does not necessarily mean dynamics should be emphasized any more than in another work, as Chopin wrote this light-hearted piece with distinct, but not heavy dynamics. These elements, coupled with the Vivace tempo, make up one of the more challenging Chopin etudes.

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