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Phantasiestücke, Op.12


  • Composer: Schumann Robert

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Full set Robert Schumann Phantasiestücke, Op.12 music sheets.

There are eight pieces for piano:

1. "Des Abends" ("In the Evening") in D-flat major / Sehr innig zu spielen (Play very intimately);

2. "Aufschwung" ("Soaring", literally "Upswing") in F minor / Sehr rasch (Very rapidly);

3. "Warum?" ("Why?") in D-flat major / Langsam und zart (Slowly and tenderly);

4. "Grillen" ("Whims") in D-flat major / Mit Humor (With humor);

5. "In der Nacht" ("In the Night") in F minor / Mit Leidenschaft (With passion);

6. "Fabel" ("Fable") in C major / Langsam (Slowly);

7. "Traumes Wirren" ("Dream's Confusions") in F major / Äußerst lebhaft (Extremely lively);

8. "Ende vom Lied" ("End of the Song") in F major / Mit gutem Humor (With good humor);

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