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*Album for the Young "Clavierstücke fur die Jugend", Op.68

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  • Composer: Schumann Robert

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Full set Robert Schumann "Clavierstücke fur die Jugend", Op.68 (Album for the Young - 43 Piano Pieces) sheet music.

Album for the Young - "Album für die Jugend", Op. 68, was composed by Robert Schumann in 1848 for his three daughters.

The album consists of a collection of 43 short piano works. They are suitable to be played by children or beginners.

The second part, starting at No.19 - Little Romance "Kleine Romanze", is marked for adults and contains more demanding pieces.

List of included compositions:
1. Melody (Melodie), C major
2. Soldiers' March (Soldatenmarsch), G major
3. Humming Song (Trällerliedchen), C major
4. Chorale (Ein Choral), G major
5. A Little Piece (Stückchen), C major
6. The Poor Orphan (Armes Waisenkind), A minor
7. Hunting Song (Jägerliedchen), F major
8. The Wild Rider (Wilder Reiter), A minor (This piece is more commonly known in English as The Wild Horseman)
9. Folk Song (Volksliedchen)
10. The Happy Farmer, Returning from Work (Fröhlicher Landmann, von der Arbeit zurückkehrend), F major
11. Sicilienne (Sizilianisch), A minor
12. Knecht Ruprecht, A minor
13. May, Sweet May (Mai, lieber Mai), E major
14. Little Etude (Kleine Studie), G major
15. Spring Song (Frühlingsgesang), E major
16. First Sorrow (Erster Verlust), E minor
17. The Little Morning Wanderer (Kleiner Morgenwanderer), A major
18. The Reaper's Song (Schnitterliedchen), C major
19. Little Romance (Kleine Romanze), A minor
20. Rustic Song (Ländliches Lied), A major
21. * * * (untitled), C major
22. Roundelay (Rundgesang), A major
23. The Horseman (Reiterstück), D minor
24. Harvest Song (Ernteliedchen), A major
25. Echoes from the Theatre (Nachklänge aus dem Theater), A minor
26. * * * (untitled), F major
27. A Little Canon (Kanonisches Liedchen), A minor
28. Remembrance (4 November 1847) (Erinnerung), A major (the date of Felix Mendelssohn's death)
29. The Stranger (Fremder Mann), D minor
30. * * * (untitled), F major
31. Song of War (Kriegslied), D major
32. Sheherazade, A minor
33. Gathering of the Grapes – Happy Time! (Weinlesezeit – fröhliche Zeit!), E major
34. Theme (Thema), C major
35. Mignon, E-flat major
36. Italian Mariners' Song (Lied italienischer Marinari), G minor
37. Sailors' Song (Matrosenlied), G minor
38. Wintertime I (Winterzeit I), C minor
39. Wintertime II (Winterzeit II), C minor/C major
40. Little Fugue (Kleine Fuge), A major
41. Northern Song (Salute to G.) (Nordisches Lied), F major (dedicated to Niels Gade)
42. Figured Chorale (Figurierter Choral), F major
43. New Year's Eve (Sylvesterlied), A major

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